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And if you're afraid of calling or contacting cold you can start the whole process by mail or email. It can't get any easier than that.

Sport Mental Training I've been teaching internet marketers how to get hired by brick and mortar businesses for over 5 years now. And over that time I've seen people try and fail and I've seen people hit it BIG with a whole variety of different strategies.

    The huge advantage I have is objectivity.

    At Offlinebiz.com we have over 11,000 members. We have a track record of getting internet marketers from zero to making real money FAST.

    You can read dozens of unsolicited testimonials here.

    And best of all I've taken five years of notes on what has worked for them and what hasn't worked.

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offline gold 25 different ways to get paying clients
    That's why I've put together 5 years of experience and live testing to create the 80 page Offline Gold report "25 Different Ways To Get Paying Clients".

    In this report I reveal more strategies than you'll ever need to land paying clients.

     And because I know most internet marketers are terrified of using the phone or talking in person I've given you 14 strategies you can start using right now with email or regular mail...

It's all laid out for you in plain language
in your 80 page report...

    You'll discover:
  • The amazing strategy I sold to one of the world's leading marketers as part of a package for several thousand dollars. He was amazed when he realized it was exactly what I did to get him as a client!

    And best of all you can start using this strategy today with email. It's so simple it will literally blow your mind.

  • Why the people you've been seeing as your biggest competitors might be a gold mine to you and how to tap that gold mine.
  • What you MUST do before making any major purchase or even before buying a cup of coffee. This strategy has helped more people starting out get their first clients than anything else I could tell you....

    You'll also discover... 
  • The Out Of The Box Referral Strategy that can turn any influential contact you have into a gold mine of clients.
  • The simple sentence that can multiply the referrals you get to high paying clients. This is so obvious you'll kick yourself when you read it.
  • How to get some of your best referral sources thrilled at the opportunity to send you as many paying clients as they possibly can and how to do it without paying them money...

    And it gets even better...

With 9 of these 25 strategies the first contact you need to make is by EMAIL

   That's right you don't have to call people to get the ball rolling.

    I even give you a full document filled with 15 plain text email templates. You can quickly adapt these emails, add your name and you're ready to send them...right NOW.

    No more sweating over the phone, or trying to pluck up the courage to walk into a business. The business owners you'll talk to have already contacted you wanting to know more.

    Nothing could be easier than just sending out some more emails or letters every time you need some more paying clients.

   Think about it...

If You Knew You Could Make
Serious Money Sending Out Emails How Many
Emails Would You Send...?

    Once you get rolling with the marketing system outlined in this report you can turn the flow of customers on and off like a tap.

    Best of all it won't cost you a cent extra to get customers flooding into your business while other businesses around you are struggling to get anyone through their doors.

And we're just getting started.  I'm giving you...

  • The amazing "Charity Magnet" strategy. You can be picking up high paying clients while you help out your favorite charity. And you can get this started with a simple email.
  • A breakthrough in the way you think about business networking groups and the "Follow the Leader" strategy that can bypass all that hand shaking and put you at the front of the line with every member of the group who is a prospect for your business.  
  • And I'll reveal how you can have a "Paper Army" out picking you up prospects when you're busy doing something else or even when you're asleep. That's not all...

    You can spend more time with your family or just enjoying your life by...
Slashing your workload with The "Look No Hands" strategy

Even if you have NO internet marketing skills at all you can use this simple strategy to get started today making an income.

Imagine talking to a business owner and never having to answer a difficult question (or ANY question) if you don't want to. And making them even more eager to get work done.

That's just one of the amazing side benefits of this method.

And if you do have some skills but you'd like to get paid more for doing less then this strategy will revolutionize your business.  

And there's more. You'll also discover...

  • How to harness the "CNN Calling" strategy to eliminate cold calls and have business owners eager to get face to face with you for an hour or even longer.
  • The powerful "Snail Magnet" strategy that can turn a prospect who doesn't know you from Adam into an eager client ready to pay premium fees for your services. 
  • A simple change you can make to any letter that will multiply the number of people who read it and call you back.

    Finally I'll reveal the biggest secret to converting prospects into paying clients and clients into project after project and a steady source of high quality referrals...

Most internet marketers are KILLING their
income because they don't know how
to apply this secret effectively

I reveal in detail how to harness the power of this secret including...

  • Where you can download a simple free program and how you can use it to get prospects salivating at the thought of hiring you.
  • How the "Let's Party!" strategy can turn prospects on the fence into clients who will do business with you for years to come and send you every referral they come across.
  • And why the outrageously simple "Breaking Bread" strategy can completely change the way prospects and clients think about you (and turn them into ardent fans of you and your service).

    You'll finally have the blueprint and the resources you need to get all the clients you want. And you'll get this FREE bonus...

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Offline Gold Get Clients Now Audio
    I got onto Skype with Patti Massullo, our coach at Offlinebiz.com and spilled the beans on as many of the strategies as we could jam into a two hour call.

     I should warn you the audio quality isn't fantastic but the quality of the information is amazing. 

    This audio alone is worth more than you'll invest in the entire package

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    If you land just ONE new client at $500...way below the kind of fees you should be charging...you'll make back the price of this package 16 times over.

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Offline Gold Get Clients Now Audio    

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Andrew Cavanagh, CEO OfflineGold.com, Co-founder OfflineBiz.com

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