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"$1,500...First Time Out"

I have some fantastic news to report.

I went and talked to some business owners. Make that ONE business owner.

I hit it out of the park first time out.

Even before I had a chance to read your whole report. Even before I'd mined all the gold on its pages...

I went out and got my first $1,500 gig!

Saturday afternoon Los Angeles time just using your information I landed a $1,500 project.  EASY!

This business model LITERALLY saved my ass!  You da man!

Robbie Mescudi
Los Angeles, California

Internet Marketing To Local Business It started with a simple thread on the Warrior Internet Marketing Forum.  Here's the powerful thread you've probably seen by now...

New Year's Gift...Make $1,500 Today...No Money Down

Last night I spent my New Year's Eve at a local restaurant PACKED to capacity with diners at a very high price per head.

Here's what may interest you.

I am friends with the owner.

This time last year he had no real internet presence.

This year following a few simple guidelines from me he's beginning to dominate the search engines for his local geographical search terms.

And this New Year's Eve not only did he pack his restaurant to capacity he had so many calls from his website he could have booked every table TWICE over.

We talk a lot about selling ebooks and information products online but I'm looking at both business models and I can tell you geographical marketing of local brick and mortar businesses is easier...competition is low and the potential for profit is enormous.

Best of all the market is so HUMUNGOUS that EVERY warrior on this forum could be actively working with 10-20 businesses in his local area and it wouldn't even be a blip on the Google landscape.

You can make money from this in several ways.

All you need is some basic SEO knowledge (how to use long tail keywords and get backlinks will do it) and some knowledge of how to get a web page online.

You can:

1. Charge a consulting fee for helping local business owners optimize what they're doing so they top the search engines for terms like "East Brooklyn Coffee Shop".

And show them how to turn that traffic into subscribers and buyers (here's a tip...give away free gifts from the website and use calling a live phone number as a call to action).

2. You can charge for setting up and/or running websites for local businesses.

This is a huge money spinner with many companies paying $5,000 to $20,000 plus to get a website up plus monthly hosting fees.

And the websites they pay for rarely produce real sales.

You can charge an upfront fee plus an ongoing fee to set up a website and add content on a regular basis optimizing the site and whatever offers the business is currently running.

It is VERY, VERY easy to get even a small business owner to write you a check for $1,000 to $5,000.

Let's say you just talk to a local business owner without a website and offer to set one up for $1,500 plus $50 a month.

I would never work that cheap but this is a no brainer for a business owner if you can demonstrate you have a website online that looks anything like decent.

And it just so easy to get business owners on board.

I've found in the last couple of years I have to be very careful how I talk to business owners when I'm out and about because 15 minutes into a conversation with me they're so excited they want to give me money for making over their website and I just don't have the time for it!

What am I telling these guys?

Nothing you can't find on the Warrior long tail keywords...get multiple keyword phrases to the top of phrase per page.

Have a call to action on every page.

Capture email subscribers and follow up with them (even while you're sleeping).

You get the idea.

This is really old hat to Warriors but it straight out blows a business man's mind.

Remember he hasn't heard it before.

To test out if what I'm telling you is true just go to any privately owned local business where the owner works there himself.

Maybe buy something or just have a chat to the owner.

Ask him "Do you have a website? Are you getting any sales from your website?"

And then just start telling him everything you know about how he could be getting to the top of the search engines and getting real customers calling him and coming in off the website.

How he could be following up with customers and prospects automatically online, preselling them etc etc.

All the golden information you've learned on this forum.

Once you've established what a great website is worth to him offer to do it all for him at $1,500, $3,000, $5,000 or more.

And see what happens.

Happy New Year!

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

The Thread Went Completely NUTS!

    Immediately after making this post it went completely insane with thousands of views and all kinds of comments...nearly every one positive.

    Many leading marketers have added their comments.  It's like a who's who of successful marketers on the worlds leading internet marketing forum including comments from Willie Crawford, Steven Wagenheim, James Schramko, George Sepich, Joseph Then, Keith Boisvert and many many others.

    I even had internet marketer David Cavanagh Skype me from an airport in Thailand to tell me how fantastic the post was...and no he's not related to me.

    At the time of writing this thread has been on the first page of the Warrior Forum for over 4 days...usually right at or near the top of the forum.

    And this is a very busy forum. Posts are often knocked off the first page in two hours or less.

    The plan I outlined was so simple and so obvious many internet marketers were kicking themselves for missing it.

    But as I read the comments and feedback I began to realize there were a whole pile of skills I've developed from over 25 years in the world of small business and sales that most internet marketers don't have.

    Skills that make implementing this plan a joy instead of a long series of rejections.

    So after being begged to do it by many of the forum members I wrote a  report designed to give you the inside dirt on the skills you need to put this plan into action TODAY...

Offline GOLD For The Online Marketer

    This is over 77 pages packed with methods I've used and many leading consultants have employed to charge huge fees to business owners they may have only met days or even hours before..

    It's everything you need to get started making money even if you've never sold anything to anyone before.

    Just minutes from now you'll discover...

  • Why most people will NEVER get rich from the reports they read and how to guarantee that you'll turn this report into cash in your bank account...
  • The simple 4 point plan to getting all the clients you'll ever need for your website building business...
  • Why you can be saving business owners from $5,000 to $20,000 just by sharing some simple information with them...

And there's more.  I reveal... 
  • How business owners will love you for helping them avoid the "fancy sign" trap...
  • The basic 6 step system to go from zero to putting a check in your pocket even if you've never met the business owner before in your life...
  • A book you can buy at any bookstore or take out from any public library and the secret way of reading it that can revolutionize your ability to talk to business people...

Go From Being A Total Stranger
To A Trusted Advisor FAST

    I uncover the secrets to shifting the perception the business owners you meet from a complete unknown to someone they take advice from faster than you ever thought was possible.  You'll read about...
  • The deadly mistake that will KILL you chances of getting hired and the dead simple way of avoiding it...
  • How to get business owners who are total strangers to you feeling like they know you and can trust you...
  • The simple way to get the owner in any business onside.  Do this and every business owner will look at you in a whole new light and be far more open and relaxed about about looking into  your online marketing services...
  • The hidden tactic many small business owners use every day that you can hijack to get clients who will be thrilled to pay you for your services...

    Online marketers are RAVING over the secrets in this report.  Highly respected internet businessman Steven Wagenheim said this report...

Takes All The Mystery Out Of Offline Marketing

I always suspected that internet marketers had tunnel vision when it came to making money online.

This brilliant report from Andrew Cavanagh just confirmed my suspicions.

Andrew shows you in step by step detail how to take your online skills and market them to the brick and mortar world.

He tells you exactly how to approach your prospects.

He shows you what to say and what not to say and how to literally get these people to beg you to take your money.

I highly recommend this report to anyone who wants to earn a solid income providing online services for offline businesses.

Steven Wagenheim

    And I've got more for you.  I'm giving you secrets I used for years in over half a dozen regular offline businesses I owned including...

  • A huge list of business people you can talk to sitting right under your nose.  And in most cases you won't even have to make the first contact...
  • The biggest secret to making business networking meetings a goldmine where potential clients will literally line up to ask for your advice...
  • How to avoid being seen as a salesperson when you walk into a business and talk to the owner.  Once you really understand this you'll never see yourself the same way again...

    And remember we're talking about making money today.  Ordinary people like you are collecting checks using this system right now...
"$2,000 Order...Already Received $1,000..."

Wow I can't believe the timing on this!!

I just this morning got a $2,000 job and already received a $1,000 deposit for doing JUST what your report says.

Folks this is pure gold.  Local businesses REALLY do need your help!

If they know you're local and accessible, that's a big part of their worries over.

Be knowledgable, helpful, professional and like Andrew's report says get out there and get going.

Thanks Andrew.  Great info.  I appreciate it greatly and I just hope many others like me take action, get out there and most importantly...JUST "DO" IT. 

Wishing you all as good a tomorrow as I had today.

Steven Smith,
White Rock BC, Canada

    And here's the vital information you want...

How To Get Paid

    This is where most consultants drop the ball.  I reveal the step by step process you need to go through to have a business owner ready to cut you a check on the spot and more including...

  • The exact questions to ask a business owner to find out if he's a good prospect for you and to guide him towards realizing you're the perfect person to hire right now...
  • A little known secret that builds instant rapport with a business owner like magic.  You'll be amazed how simple and effective this is when you put it into practice the first time...
  • The most powerful way of delivering key facts to a business owner that will excite him so much his staff will have to peel him off the roof after you leave...

    I give you plain straightforward information you can use immediately even if you've never been in any field requiring sales or negotiation...

"Chapter On Negotiating Worth The Price Alone"

I couldn't resist.  I had to purchase this and it was well worth it.

Andrew your chapter on negotiating was probably worth the price alone.  

This is something I've never been really good at and you and I love that you provide specific examples and techniques.

Thanks again.

Mark Benkovich, Australia
  • How to make the fees you charge look like an absolute bargain.  This is the vital key you need to command premium prices for your service...
  • 5 key negotiating secrets that will ensure you get paid generously and your clients are happy with a deal that suits them too...
  • How to set up an agreement.  Tip: It's a whole lot simpler than you think.
  • The simple ways to take that initial payment from a business.  What to expect and which options are best for you.  Get this wrong and you could end up being ripped off or worse...

And I'll show you...

How To Make Dealing With Business Owners
A Pleasure
Instead Of An Ordeal

  • A simple strategy you must use if you want to avoid constantly chasing after business owners every time you try to see them.  This will save you weeks of wasted time.  You'll also discover how to eliminate phone tag hell.
  • How to get a steady stream of high quality referrals.  Imagine having your best clients sending you more prospects than you can handle... 
  • A dead easy way to get testimonials from your happy clients...

    If you have some basic online marketing skills you can do this even if you've never had a client before.  As Craig McPherson discovered...

"$900 Worth Of Fencing For A Simple Website..."

I dropped in on a guy who replaced my side fence here at home about 2 months ago.

He lives close by and I see his billboard on his fence most nights I go jogging.

I had a look at his site then did some research. He isn't even listed in the most obvious of keywords.

I had a chat going over the points from your report and he jumped all over it.

He asked "how much?". I replied "As you are the first client how about you replace the fence on my other side as payment.

It is a done deal. $900 worth of fence for helping him raise his revenue.

You're a champ mate. Thanks for the info.

Craig McPherson
Melbourne Australia

    If you use the step by step system in this report at all you're guranteed to be taking real money off clients in 4 weeks, 2 weeks even as soon as a few hours from now if you have just a little good luck.

    And even if you totally undercharge for creating a basic website you'll be ahead by $500 or more.

    You could charge $150 or more just for setting up an autoresponder on a business site that's already up.

    Many business owners have no idea that they can be emailing their clients over and over completely free.

    If you take any action at all you'll be ahead by $150 to $500 or much, much more.

    Regular web designers charge from $4,000 to $20,000 to put up a website and most of those websites never make a sale.

With your online marketing knowledge you'll
be helping business owners make real money from
the websites you help them set up

    If I charged what this report is worth to you I could easily get $500.

    But I'm not going to charge you $500 or even $150.

    If you act right now and claim this Warrior Special Offer I'll give you the full report for just $19.99.

    But you must take action now.

    I plan on raising the price of this report to $67 as soon as this special offer expires.

    Click on the paypal link now to claim your report: Offline Gold For The Online Marketer...

    And to show you how confident I am Im giving you a...

12 month 100% money back guaratee.

    If you're not thrilled with the information packed in this report just let me know any time in the next 12 months and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Cavanagh, CEO

P.S. Very rarely in life do you get a genuine chance to build a huge source of cash income with no money down and no risk.

    Building websites for business owners and overhauling their online marketing is an exceptional opportunity for the little guy.

    You can make fantastic money working your own hours and you can start doing it just minutes after reading this amazing report.

    Why struggle to earn a living when you can be your own boss so easily?

    Click on the Paypal button below right now to claim your copy of Offline Gold For Online Marketers...

P.P.S. You could be taking your first $1,500 payment TODAY like Matt Jutras from Alpharetta Georgia...

"I Walked Out Of The Store With A Check For $1,500"

This information just made me 3000 dollars and on top of that an ongoing 250 dollars a month.

There is a local pet store here that specializes in pure-breed "pocket" dogs. You know...the cutesy kind that Paris Hilton wannabes stuff in their Gucci bags and walk around in the mall  with.

I think these dogs look like rats and gerbils, but to each their own.

These things sell for $1300 and up.

The other day, after reading this thread, I found the website of said dog store and almost had to throw up at how terrible it is.

It is absolutely doing nothing for this persons business. It is the  type of site that a business has made up just to say that they have a website and aren't stuck in the 17th century.

So today I walked in and chatted up the owners, who also mind the store.

I asked them how business was doing and they indicated it was lukewarm, mostly because we are in the post-holiday season.

I then inquired what marketing they were doing:

They have a yellow pages ad and do some local coupon ads twice a year or so.

I then asked how many people come in the store, look around a little bit, and then claim that they'll come back at a later time when they see a dog they like (their "inventory" of dogs changes weekly).

They said probably 95%. Of these 95% about half take a business card or flyer. Of those half, only about 5% come back and actually end up buying something.

I said not bad but I can improve it, and spent the next hour explaining how...and then signing them up for a 3000 dollar complete site overhaul and 250 monthly fee for hosting and  monthly update.

I snatched the monthly fee by offering this service: they have their customers and potential customers sign up for a monthly e-mail update on what they have in stock.

Customers can also go the website and opt-in, of course.

I come in once a month and film their new inventory (using a Flip Video recorder). I will record about 90 seconds of video footage per mutt (they usually have around 12-15).

Each dog's video clip gets uploaded to youtube. The monthly email gets put together, with a two or three paragraph blurb about the new dogs they have available and the 12-15 videos embedded in the email.

The effect of this is twofold: customers that have already  purchased a dog, will probably check out a video,fall in love with one of the dogs, and rush in to buy it.

Customers who walk in, but don't like any of the dogs they currently have, can get a monthly audio/visual update on the stores inventory from the comfort of their home or workplace.

So instead of losing a potential buying customer, the store can now put its product in the face of prospects once a month with ease.

I estimate that it will be about 2 or 3 hours of actual labor per  month.

If I start getting too busy I know someone who I can pay 50 bucks to do it for me.

So 200 bucks a month for sitting on my ass. Nice.

250 a month is probably cheap. But it's my first client and I'm learning.

By the way I walked out of the store with a check for $1500.
Always get half up front, and wait until it clears before you start.


Matt Jutras
Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

    Click on the Paypal button below right now to claim your copy of Offline Gold For Online Marketers...

    Online marketers across the world are RAVING about this report....

"Absolutely Brilliant!  We're Sitting On A Gold Mine..."

Andrew:  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

We internet marketers are always cracking our heads to make a living with SEO, PPC, Bum marketing.... yadda yadda yadda...

Without realizing that we are actually sitting in a gold mine...the opportunities are around us!

In my honest opinion, your report is a step by step, no fluff guide to marketing to local business.

In fact, I will be suprised if anyone cannot make money following your guide!

Good job!

Lai Chia Yee


"An Extra Hundred Thousand Dollars...Willie Crawford"

Andrew prior to reading your report I was convinced that local business people made better customers than most online prospects.

They EXPECT to spend money growing their businesses and just need for you to explain why they should spend it with YOU.

You did a masterful job of helping me to better understand "how-to" establish rapport with local business people and have them practically begging to give me money for my expertise.

You explained to me how to show them that I really do have their best interest at heart and therefore will work harder at actually helping them to grow their business.

Thank you for sharing your winning formula in such an easy to understand fashion.

You've undoubtably made me an extra hundred thousand dollars in 2008 if I just apply what you shared.

Offline Gold For The Online Marketer kicks butt.  So do the bonuses as far as I'm concerned.

Willie Crawford
Internationally respected internet marketing speaker,
Author of "Git Off The Porch" and internet marketing mentor

    Click on the Paypal button below right now to claim your copy of Offline Gold For Online Marketers...

"An A+ -  If You're Considering This...Stop Hesitating"

Andrew I just have to say that was a terrific read!  

I've been having some "analysis paralysis" myself with this idea, overplanning and not taking action.

But thanks to your guide not only do I know the steps to take, but you've given me the confidence (and perhaps a much needed kick in the behind!) to go out and get this working for me.

And A+ - if anybody is considering purchasing this guide, they should stop hesitating!

No fluff, no filler and written in a way that anyone could understand.

Thanks a million for this info Andrew.  Actually thanks a few million!

Cherlyn Lester, Copywriter

"This Is Almost Going To Be Easy"

I want to thank you - everything in your offer is outstanding! This is something I know I can do but just never thought about doing before.

You make everything very clear so there's no guess work at all - this is almost going to be easy and a lot of fun.

Lynn Stivers

"Excellent...Highly Recommended...David Frey"

I read Andrew Cavanagh's report last night and it is excellent.

I highly recommend it.

David Frey

    Click on the Paypal button below right now to claim your copy of Offline Gold For Online Marketers...

    Or if you're just starting out imagine making $500 that leads to much, much more.  Like Andi Hunt from Sherman Texas...

"I Made An Easy $500 Yesterday PLUS..."

I made an easy $500 yesterday.

I know this may be a small amount, but the business owner will be referring several more business owners to me.

This will be an additional 5 clients, and with them, I will charge my regular rates.

If you haven't gone out and spoke to the business owners, you should get out today. I definitely see why Andrew stressed that so much.

Once you are out talking to them, you are able to find out what their needs are.

I actually had gone by my client's business last Friday and spoke to one of her employees because the owner was not in. I had called yesterday to see if she was in and asked her if she needed my services.

She told me that she would not be interested.

Lesson #1: Do not call your prospective clients. Go and see them in person. You will see why I say this further down in the story.

Well, I was in the area of the business talking to two other owners yesterday and decided to stop by and see the owner that turned me down over the phone in person.

I introduced myself and let her know that I was the one who had called earlier. We began talking and before you know it, we were looking at her website she currently had on her computer in her office.

There were several things that needed to be changed on the old website, and she was interested in the SEO services that I could provide her.

Before I knew it, she was asking me how much I would charge for my services.

That's when I told her that I usually would charge $3000 for a new website and setting up SEO for her site, but if she could refer 5 more business owners to me that I would only charge her $500 and additional $100 month to keep her site updated.

Since I am just starting out, I thought this would be a good strategy for me.

She went on and told me, she had at least 5 or more owners that she would refer to me that would need my services. This will be an additional income of 15,000 just from her referrals.

So, I guess you can say, "I am now in business."

It is as easy as everyone has been saying who has done this before.

Go out and talk to them in person and present yourself as a consultant or advisor.

After you are done giving them advice, they will be asking how much they should write the check out for.

I went out and started without having a website or business cards. It didn't make too much of a difference.

Most of them were just thrilled that I was there in person talking to them about improving their online presence.

If you haven't taken action yet, you need to go out today and take action. This could be your day to make $500, $1000, $1500 or more.

All you have to do is go out and talk to the business owners like everyone has been saying. If I can do it, I know everyone else can also make it happen.

This business model has endless opportunities.

Life is good,
Andi Hunt :)
Sherman, Texas

P.S. I am one meeting away from closing two other clients at much higher rates than my first client.

Andrew, thanks again! I have found a business that will bring financial freedom for myself and family for years to come.

    Click on the Paypal button below right now to claim your copy of Offline Gold For Online Marketers...

"A Valuable Real Life Easy To Follow Guide To Making
Big Money Consistently"

Hi Andrew,

Just bought the report and wanted to say "thank you" for the overdelivering and undercharging. I'm glad I got it before you raised it to $67.

Also, the autopilot bonus is real gold.

The best part about the report is how easy you made it all fit together in a way that equips and inspires you to act on what's been learned in a true-life, step by step plan of action.

I especially enjoyed that one tip about how to get inside the computer office...

And the little known way to ensure the offline equivalent to the viral effect gets you access to as many as 50 times the amount of referrals each and every time you close a new deal and open a new client account.

I can already see how this will be profitable this year.

Thanks for a valuable, real life and easy to follow guide to making big money consistently by leveraging what's simple to us with our internet marketing expertise but invaluable to offline brick and mortar businesses.

Doug Barger
Professional Copywriter


"Get Off Your Butt And Make Some Money..."

This report leaves you with NO excuses.

Anyone with just a little internet marketing knowledge can follow this step-by-step "get off your butt and make some money" guide for turning local businesses into paying clients.

James Schramko

"If You Haven't Bought This Get A Psychiatric Evaluation"

If you are interested in buying this, and you haven't I really think you should have a dear friend or loved one take you for a psychiatric evaluation!

I'm not going to lie, I bought the report because I was skeptical. I sold shoes on commission, I sold clothing to catalog shoppers by phone, I sold cars, and I sold yellow page advertising.

I thought to myself, this guy is going to try and give a "pipe dream" and I want to read it so I can nail him with a sledge hammer.

So, I bought it.

Well....Needless to say, I was actually glad I was wrong about Andrew and his report. In fact, I was downright thrilled I was wrong.

I literally wound up slapping myself on the head.

With all the skills I have in IM and the skills I gained from selling cars and yellow page advertising to local small business owners, I can't believe I didn't think to do this on my own.

It was literally a big DUH! Moment.

Even if you never sold anything to anyone before, I promise you that the advice, techniques, and tactics that Andrew covers will work!

Become a trusted advisor, not a sales person! This is key! He goes into great detail about how to do it.

I really felt like he somehow reached into my brain and "stole" all the successful tactics that worked so well for me when I was selling advertising.

I thought maybe I was dealing with a pyschic, because of how well he read my mind.

I can honestly say, I will be starting this business this week. This will bring me a very solid income. If you buy this guide, read it, digest it, and most important; act on it, you too can be very profitable. 

Jason V
Lake City, Pennsylvania, USA

    Click on the Paypal button below right now to claim your copy of Offline Gold For Online Marketers...